Recording your range attendance

When you shoot on our club's ranges, or shoot as a HPRPC club member at another venue (such as Bisley etc.), it is important that our club has an accurate record of your shooting dates together with details of which firearms you used during each visit.

The attendance information you provide to the club will be entered into your records, and will normally be requested by the police when processing your FAC renewal.

After each shoot, you should post details of your range attendance into the postbox which is located on the wall on the right as you enter the 100 yard range.

The example forms below show the information that we need you to supply after each shoot. You may print and use the PDF versions as is, or you may wish to download and edit the 'Word' version of the form to be more suitable to your own use. By editing the Word version, you can pre-complete all the details of each of your firearms, and only then need to tick the guns used at each shoot, and date/sign the form and have it witnessed if possible.

Attendance form proforma
Attendance form proforma (smaller version, 2 per A4 sheet)

Whatever type of form you use, it is important that it shows your membership number, and your name printed in BLOCK CAPITALS. The club occasionally receives forms showing no identity other than a signature, and unfortunately many members have signatures that cannot be deciphered into a name.