New Procedures for NRA Shooter Certification Cards

With immediate effect the NRA has altered the process of issuing Shooter Certification Cards (SCCs). All affiliated clubs SCCs such as ourselves will expire on the 31st December 2018.

The NRA have now made the decision to produce the SCC themselves with the clubs remaining responsible for training and maintaining training records. If you only shoot at Headley Park club ranges and do not want to shoot at Bisley or MOD/other ranges you do not need an SCC. You will not be covered by NRA insurance but will be covered by the NSRA club policy.

If you want to obtain an SCC for 2019 via Headley Park RPC you will need to do the following :

If you are an NRA member you need to tell us your NRA membership number. If you are not, you will need to pay the NRA capitation fee in addition to your annual club subscription when you complete your 2019 club renewal paperwork.

The club chairman is responsible for the SCCs and you will need to send Graham Hammond an e-mail with the following information as required by the NRA :

The certification categories are:

An upto date digital photograph (this will be used on your SCC).
Most importantly, the file name must be surname & date of birth – surname-ddmmyy.jpeg

When you have all of this complete information together please e-mail it to Graham Hammond at

Please do not miss out any data or forget to use the NRA format on the photograph file name as the NRA will reject it and Graham has further work to do on your applications before he can submit them.