Range flooding, November 2018

Following recent heavy rainfall, the 50m range flooded to unprecedented levels. With the electricity supply inoperative to the Pit Sump Pump and any more rainfall, we could be faced with half of our ranges closed due to flooding !

We need to excavate the trench to the south of the 50m range. 4 hours work has already been carried out, some of the blockage was moved and water started to flow again into the sump near the road. However, more work is needed before winter sets in.

Work details will be scheduled for every Wednesday afternoon, and volunteers are needed, but please confirm with Tim Gardener before attending.

Range Maintenance July 2018

A big thank you to all of those who helped this week on the range maintenance and for those who provided us with refreshments and moral support !

The 50m stop butt has been overhauled, the turning targets are now functioning and the range is now looking the best it has for many years, the other ranges will follow !

More help needed while the weather is so pleasant, please contact me if you have any spare time. As always we do our best to avoid any disruption to shooting so weekdays are best.


Tim, Assistant Range Maintenance