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Secretaries Update March 2018

The spring has brought two new shooting disciplines to Headley Park. As discussed at the AGM Clive Taylor is now going to start running a modern 3 gun match. In addition to this Tim Gardener is putting together another new discipline called Action Revolver and this should also prove to be very popular and a great way to learn the competitive courses of fire that members will encounter at open meetings such as the Phoenix shoot at Bisley at the end of May. Please have a look at the dedicated pages on this site for further information regarding dates and times and how to contact Tim and Clive.

March has also brought some sad news as Rae Wills a very long time member of the club and an NRA council member has died. Mike Hammonds the son of our late President Gordon Hammonds has also died after a series of strokes. We send our condolences to all of their families at this difficult time.

Rules have also been amended to allow the use of black powder long arms provided that they fall within the energy and velocity limits laid out in the Range Safety Certificates. Please note however that no more than two people at a time can shoot with this class of arm. The idea of this limitation is to minimise the sound impact of this alteration.

Anyone requiring a Competency Certificate will need to go to the relevant discipline captain if it is their first certificate and ask to be confirmed as competent. The form for this can then be passed onto the club chairman Graham Hammond who will sign and issue the certificate as needed.

At the end of March I will submit to the Police a list of all members who have not renewed their memberships. At that point if you are on that list you are deemed by Police and us to have ceased being a club member. Should you wish to rejoin you will have to go through a new probationary period so please it makes sense to make sure you have paid your subs on time.

I am also required to send in to Police a list of all club members who have not shot in the last 12 months this is known as the nil returns list and it will trigger additional Police investigations as to why you have not shot (eg things like ill health or perhaps you were working abroad). Continued use of your firearms confirms to Police the good reason that we all need to demonstrate in order to maintain our FAC's so its in all our interests that this is a very short list.

On this subject I have also had recent requests from Police on the renewal of members FAC's to look at longer attendance record data sometimes covering the whole 5 years life of the certificate. I have questioned this with one FEO who informed me that he was looking for a minimum of 3 uses for every item held on certificate for every year of its life! The message seems clear use it or loose it.

Good shooting.

Rod Philpott Hon.Sec.

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