Guest Shooters and Section 21 - information from the club secretary

I have been made aware that there is some confusion around Guests Days and Open Days; and in addition when FAC and non FAC holders can shoot.

This short letter is intended to clarify the situation (but please refer to pages 2 and 3 of the Club Rule Book).

Guests who are not FAC Holders can only shoot on the Club Open Days.
There are twelve each year and the days are published in the Club Calendar. The Hosting Club Member is responsible for the direct supervision of the Guests.

Guests who are FAC Holders can shoot with Club Members,
(subject to a maximum of four visits each year).

Personal details of all visiting Guests (whether FAC Holders or not) must be notified to the Club Secretary 48 hours in advance.

All Guests must read and understand Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 and complete and sign the Guests Declaration Form.
You can download the form and section 21 document here :

Guest Shoot Form
Section 21

Completed guest shoot forms should be deposited in the Club Post Box which is on the wall near the entrance to the 100m range.
It is a condition of our Home Office Approval that we keep a Register of all guests that visit our ranges.

Usage of firearms

After extensive discussion with the Hampshire Police Firearms team regarding the use of Club and Members firearms for Probationary Members and Non FAC Guests attending Open Days; and FAC Guests attending Open and Guests Days I set out the following findings:

  1. Headley Park Rifle & Pistol's Probationary members can either use Club Guns or can temporarily use other Headley Park Rifle & Pistol's Member's firearms (with the exception of Long Barrelled Revolvers, Long Barrelled Pistols and section 5 firearms) or their own for target shooting. He or she must be under strict close supervision at all times.
  2. Guests that do not hold FACs who are attending organised Open Days will only use Club Guns and there is absolutely no exception to this important rule. Under no circumstances can Black Powder be used. Such guests can only attend official Open Days as designated by the Secretary. All such guests must be on strict one to one supervision at all times. The Secretary must be given at least 48 hours written notice of such guests. The necessary forms must be completed and understood by the Guest before commencement of shooting. Please use link to download the appropriate forms:
  3. FAC holders attending Headley Park Rifle & Pistol Club's Open or Guest days can use Club Guns or other Headley Park Rifle & Pistol Club's members Firearms (with the exception of Long Barrelled Revolvers, Long Barrelled Pistols and section 5 firearms).

For further details please refer to the current Rule Book.