Joining HPR&PC

Thank you for your interest in Headley Park Rifle & Pistol Club, and we hope that you will decide to join us – the following information may help you to decide.....


Headley Park offers the shooter unrivalled facilities which include a 100 yard Small Bore Range, a 25 and 50 metre Gallery Rifle / Muzzle loading Pistol Range and a Training Range. These ranges are open daily from 10am until 6 pm (with some seasonal variations for organised competitions).


The Club offers monthly competitions for Action (Mini) Rifle, Western Shooting, Gallery Rifle, The Plainsman (a micro ‘Quigley’ type competition), Historic Revolver and Rummy Shoot. The Full Bore Rifle section holds monthly competitions at Bisley. The Small Bore Rifle section shoots weekly during the months from late spring to late autumn. Our Shotgun section holds regular sporting competitions once a fortnight.

Probationary period

Please note: all applicants will be issued with a probationary membership card which must be carried at all times whilst on our ranges.

Probationary members are not allowed on our ranges whilst in possession of firearms, air weapons or ammunition unless closely supervised by a full member.

As a Home Office approved club we must insist on a probationary period for all applicants, regardless of any FAC or SGC that you may hold. All probationers will be issued with a ‘Probationary Member’s Attendance Sheet’ which must be signed, on each occasion that you shoot, by either a member of the Club Committee or a full member of at least two years’ standing who will supervise you shooting. The conditions of the probationary period are written into our Club Rules but, in brief, they are as follows:

FAC holders are required to complete a minimum probationary period of three months during which time they must complete a minimum of 10 shooting attendances. Following the successful completion of the probationary period you will be issued with a full membership card. When in possession of such full membership card you may use the ranges as our Club Rules allow.

Non FAC holders, or those who hold an FAC that has been issued for the possession or air weapons only are required to complete a minimum probationary period of six months during which time they must complete a minimum of 10 shooting attendances. During your probationary period you will receive training in range discipline and the safe handling of firearms in respect of rim fire rifles and carbines, centre fire rifles and carbines and black powder revolvers. Proper training in the use of Black Powder Firearms is particularly important as it is more complicated (and also potentially more hazardous) than Centre Fire Firearms
We encourage all new members to attend the competitions arranged by the various disciplines. This will help familiarize you with the different courses of fire. All the necessary equipment will be provided and you will receive nothing but help and encouragement.

Your application will be considered by the Club Committee at its meeting which follows the successful completion of the probationary period. Until the Committee has approved your application and until a full membership card has been issued you must not shoot unsupervised.

The conditions outlined above are, very prescriptive and, at this point, you may well be asking yourself, “Do they actually want new members?”   The answer is an emphatic, “Yes.” We have excellent facilities at Headley Park and the capacity to more than double our current membership. We are anxious to introduce new members to the shooting activities which we all enjoy so much. However, we must acknowledge that, during recent years, there has been new legislation passed which calls upon clubs to be more accountable for the training and conduct of their members. We have a duty of care to ensure that inexperienced members receive adequate training and we must encourage them to develop a responsible attitude towards their use of firearms. The legislation for the control and use of firearms exists and we cannot choose to ignore it.

HPR & PC hopes that this introductory letter informs you of what a fantastic range of shooting disciplines the Club has to offer and also, what HPR & PC would expect of you as a member.

If you would like an application form for yourself, please download and complete the appropriate forms below. For Junior membership applications, please note that a parent or guardian will also be required to complete the parental consent section of the application form.

Adult Application Form Part 1 (revised June 2024)
Junior Application and Parental Consent Form Part 1 (revised January 2024)
Applicants for adult or junior membership must also fill in the below form
HPR&PC membership application Part 2, application for company membership

All required application forms must be completed in full otherwise your application cannot be processed.

Original, signed applications should be posted to the club secretary at the address below. We are unable to accept photocopies of application forms, or scanned versions sent by email.

Completed application forms should be sent to:

Mr. Charles Geldart
Secretary, HP R&PC Ltd
PO BOX 920
PO21 9NU

Contact the club secretary by email