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Provisional 2018 shooting dates have been added to the fullbore rifle discipline page.

Details of the cost of shooting with the sporting clays section may be found here and on the sporting clays discipline page.


It is with great sadness that we must report the recent death of two of our members

Paul Ives has passed away after a fight against cancer. For our members who wish to attend, Paul's funeral will be on Tuesday 8th August at 1pm in St Laurence Church, Alton, followed by tea and cakes at the local hall.

Graham Pettitt has also passed away after a battle with cancer.


With immediate effect only lanes one to seven inclusive may be used on the 25m range when shooting muzzle loading pistols or revolvers or any type of long barreled pistol or revolver.

Gallery rifle both rimfire and centrefire is unaltered and all firing points continue to be available for members to use.

We expect this temporary restriction to be lifted at some future date but for the moment it is important that members observe this range safety related lane restriction.

Rod Philpott
Hon. Secretary.

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Membership renewals

If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2017, your renewal is now overdue. Application form and fees may be found on the Treasurer's page.

Fullbore Shooting Dates

Fullbore shoot dates for 2017 and provisional dates for 2018 may be found on the fullbore rifle discipline page.

Shotgun Section Dates

The shotgun section shoot dates for 2017 may be found on the sporting clays discipline page.

New self-declaration requirement for home loaders

If you home load ammunition, you will be required to sign a declaration form at your next membership renewal (or earlier if you are joining/have just joined our club).

We are introducing this requirement to comply with conditions placed on us by our insurers. Please see the NSRA Code of Practice for Handloading Firearms Ammunition for more information.

In memory of Gordon Hammonds who passed away in December 2016. Gordon was our club president for many years and only stood down just before the 2016 AGM.