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Updated the 2018 fullbore rifle shooting calendar (extra 200yd shoot added for April)


The club's 2018 calendar is now online. To see dates for the remaining 2017 events, the old calendar is still available here

Updated the 2018 fullbore rifle shooting calendar (telephone contact details added)

Corrected the list of shooting dates on the Western Action discipline page


Updated the treasurer's page with the renewal fees for 2018 as approved by the members at the recent AGM.


There is now an updated list of 2018 shooting dates on the fullbore rifle discipline page. All 2018 dates are now confirmed except for the July shoot.


A reminder that the club's AGM is on 20th November at 7:30 for 8pm at the Passfield Club. The position of chairman is vacant for 2018, so if you are prepared to stand for this role please let Rod Philpott know before the AGM.

Please also read Rod's AGM invitation letter on the Secretary's page as it contains some important news.

Also placed online today are the club's rules and constitution documents.

Shooting dates for 2018 have been added to the Action Rifle, Action Pistol, Target Revolver, Target Shotgun, Rummy Shoot, Gallery Rifle, Western Action and Historic Revolver discipline pages.