Full Bore Rifle

2021 Shooting Dates

Here are the full bore rifle shooting dates for 2021

Introduction from the new full bore captain

For those that are not aware, I am taking over the reigns from Dave Mullenger as Full Bore captain. As we all will agree Dave has been doing a sterling job keeping us all in check and organising the Headley Park Full Bore shoots at Bisley.

A couple of things to note in order to relieve the pressure of Butt Marking as the frames are getting harder to handle for many members (especially on Century). I have consulted the main core of regular attendees and all have requested a move to Electronic Targets.

Some of you have shot these before with my impromptu middle month shoots so will know the ropes. For others I will be on hand to help as usual.

I fully intend to continue to add a few extra dates for those wanting to shoot 1000 yards more often but these will be outside of the main shoot Calendar. These impromptu shoots are generally organised a month or two in advance and are generally midweek affairs as Like to take time off of work and some downtime on Stix is as good as it gets.

The down side is unfortunately the cost for the morning will increase, Dave has graciously managed to keep the costs low for a number of years but has relied upon the use of self-marking in the butts.

The Proposed costs going forward is wholly due to the additional costs for electronic target hire.

The Pros for electronic targets is shooter turnaround allowing everyone fair time on the ground (or bench if you prefer), We will still be shooting Two per lane and bookings will be 2 lanes as usual. No Butt work or trekking back and forth.

The Cons, elevated price, The amount of ammo you can consume.

So I Envisage Winter rates to raise to £15 per morning and £20 in the Summer. (change due to Summer rates).

Feel free to contact me with any questions or Issues.

Max Brown

Contact the full bore rifle captain by email