Action Rifle

Shooting dates for 2023

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About the discipline

Action Rifle (AKA...Mini Rifle), was introduced as a direct result of the handgun ban, and so originally many `Action Shooters` were Practical Pistol Shooters that had `Made the switch`!! rather than give up the sport. Over the last 4/5 years it has really gained in popularity. Its attraction seems to be that it appeals to all ages, also very exciting and relatively cheap in that we use .22 ammo

Accuracy and Speed!!...

This exciting discipline uses a combination of reactive and paper targets, based around the Scenarios and Principals that encompass as closely as possible those of `Practical Pistol`

When it is Run ?

Action Rifle is run on the second Sunday of the month, Range build usually starts at about 9.30am and we like to get our first round down range at 10am. We like to run at least four stages and each stage will require approximately 30 rds.

So you will need to bring at least 150 rds.!!

Do not worry if you have not shot this discipline before, as you will be shown how. Safely and, at your speed.

The cost...£1.00!! that includes all targets And tea/coffee!! Now that can`t be bad!!


The Rifle most of us prefer to use is the Ruger 10-22 in its various forms. Also the new S&W and H&K`s which are normally topped off with a red dot type sight. You will also need at least 2x25rd magazines, and of course eye and ear protection.

If you need any more information regarding action rifle shooting at HPR&PC, please
contact the shoot captain by email