Action Revolver

Shooting dates for 2018

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What is it?

Action Revolver started at Headley Park following the demand by members who still enjoy shooting centrefire revolvers following the handgun ban of 1997, in the form of Long Barreled Revolvers held on your Firearm Certificate as Section One Firearms.

If you remember and enjoyed Police or Service Pistol then this discipline is for you. Typically we present the gun from the holster, don’t worry if you don’t have one, we can lend you one and teach you how to draw and reload safely to NRA standards.

A typical practice and match day target array set-up on the 25M range.

We welcome anyone interested in pursuing the safe and challenging use of a handgun and will offer tuition from some of the best in the UK. We are lucky at Headley Park to have several NRA and UKPSA Grand Masters who are more than willing to offer instruction for free!

Typically we follow the disciplines available from the National Rifle Association
( ).

Therefore the practice and matches at Headley will alternate subject to what you the shooter require.


When is it?

We run several practice sessions and matches per month on any of the 3 full-bore ranges.

We also encourage our members to compete at National and International level, mainly at Bisley. Any Member with a valid NRA approved Competency Card is welcome to join us.

But please check the calendar for dates and contact the Shoot Captain for regular updates.

We aim to start at around 12pm, sometimes slightly later depending on how long it takes us to set up the targets and courses of fire.
We finish when we have run out of ammunition!

What kind of revolver, ammunition & equipment can I use ?

Typically, you will use your own LBR with a 12” minimum barrel length. As these are not club guns you will need the authority on your own FAC.

Any CIP approved ammunition or personal reloads are suitable, however for “comfort” reasons we prefer non-magnum loads.

A strong belt, suitable holster, speedloaders and pouches are a great way to get the most out of our sport, we have these available to borrow for free, just let the shoot Captain know.

What does it cost?

Free for all members of the club.

If you need any more information regarding action revolver shooting at HPR&PC, please
contact the shoot captain by email

Shooting dates for 2018

10th-11th JulyMaintenance days - Volunteers needed to assist with sump & pump works in the Pit range plus positioning of the new sleepers on the 50m range
14th JulyFollowing 3Gun
20th JulyAction Revolver: Practice, Training & Match: 300 rounds minimum required. Club ammunition available on the day.
22nd JulyFollowing Practical Pistol (10am) 1300 to 1600hrs. Range to be confirmed subject to availability.
Hope to run a small competition with prizes, a fusion of NRA Timed & Precision with IPSC shooting styles.
11th AugustFollowing 3Gun
25th AugustBisley: Gallery Rifle Nationals Speed Steel Challenge - Entry Fee to NRA
26th AugustBisley GRN NRA Handgun League LBR Practical Revolver Match - Entry Fee to NRA
8th SeptemberFollowing 3Gun
9th SeptemberNRA Handgun League - Shield Shooting Centre
6th-7th OctoberThe British Practical Shooting Show, Westpoint Arena, Exeter - by The Tunnel Target Sports Centre
13th OctoberNRA Handgun League - Worcester Norton Shooting Club
27th OctoberBisley: Autumn Action Weekend Steel Challenge - Entry Fee to NRA
28th OctoberBisley: Autumn Action Weekend NRA Handgun League LBR Practical Revolver Match - Entry Fee to NRA
3rd NovemberFollowing 3Gun
16th NovemberCentre Fire
23rd NovemberCentre Fire
25th NovemberAction Pistol / Action Revolver Match
7th DecemberCentre Fire
9th DecemberNRA Handgun League - Frome R&PC
14th DecemberCentre Fire
21st DecemberCentre Fire
23rd DecemberAction Pistol / Action Revolver Match

Please confirm range availability with the Shoot Captain (i.e. flooding of the Pit Range).
Mid-Week dates will be added time permitting depending on feedback from Members.

If you want to be added to a news feed group to receive information on latest practice dates etc., please
contact the shoot captain by email

Further reading - The NRA Handgun League

What is it ?

The NRA has supported this type of shooting for many years by providing a greater range of competitions at Bisley as well as running a national league to support the sport across the country and encourage grass roots participation. The NRA handgun League is the largest of its type in the UK and entry to its matches is open to all, not just NRA members.

The competitions are always different and comprise of a number of stages where the competitors are faced with a different shooting challenge at each and the winner is the person that can shoot all the targets in the shortest time.


Given the diverse nature of the discipline you will find examples of all types of long barrelled pistols and revolvers with various sighting systems and ancillary equipment in use. Various different sighting systems are also used and while many competitors use a red dot or telescopic sight for the the majority stay with conventional iron sights.

There are 3 divisions ( classes ) to shoot in :


These fast growing events require not only marksmanship, but thought, movement, and complete familiarity with the gun and ammunition. Each competitor shoots each stage against the clock under the close supervision of a range officer who wields an electronic timer which picks up the sound of the shots. The shooter with the quickest time usually wins that stage, provided that they have hit all the targets. No two matches are ever the same – steel targets will fall when hit and the highest 2 hits per paper target are scored. . Moving targets are also used where the club has the facilities and you can be faced with anywhere from 1 to 30 targets at ranges from 5 to 50 metres!

How to get involved

Getting into any of the shooting sports can be hurdle however the league is open to any member of a home office approved club with the relevant firearm on their licence, ( remember that you can’t borrow an LBP or LBR).

You can enter any of the NRA events at Bisley, and no you don’t need to be a member, or any of the NRA Handgun League matches across the country. With clubs hosting matches across the country on a regular basis you are sure to find somewhere to suit you. If you have trouble finding a club please contact the league director for more information.