Chairman's Page

4th January 2022

To All Members.

I would like to welcome all members as we begin 2022. The last two years have been challenging, to say the least. But we can look forward to better days and I’m optimistic for our future.

As I become more familiar with the role as Chairman, I will be working very closely with our Secretary and Treasurer, Charles and Martin, and look forward to making progress for our clubs future.

I wish to assure our members that much work is going on behind the scenes regarding our clubs future and our Treasurer, Martin, has been very busy with this. His work on this has been impressive and has built the foundations for securing future years of good shooting for us all.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to our previous Secretary and Chairman, who have been dedicated to this club, often putting in the work when no one else wanted to.

The SSC cards have been applied for and will be distributed with new memberships so please don’t delay in returning your subscriptions to our Treasurer, as instructed and explained in the application packs.

Should any of you need to contact me, then please email me at the following address:

I will always pass your queries and concerns to the relevant people.

As was raised at the AGM, some members do not have access to email and internet, but we may not be aware of who these individuals are. The cost of post is a significant overhead these days, so communicating electronically is preferred. We will be looking into how best to be aware of these members and how to ensure all members are communicated to equally.

Here’s to better days.

Many thanks for your continued support for Headley Park RPC.

Rob Chinn
Chairman HPRPC.

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